Kimono Quilt


My friend bought this lovely kimono silk from @kimonoreincarnate and wanted me to use it in a quilt. Sign me up! I considered lots of ideas for piecing but ended up leaving the kimono piece in tact. I couldn’t even bring myself to cut off the selvages they were so beautiful. As I planned the quilt I kept removing elements until I ended up with this really simple design. The orange stripes are Carolyn Friedlander Carkai and I love that the little touch of gold reflects the opulence of the silk. The background is Robert Kaufman Essex yarn-dyed in Espresso. The binding is another Carolyn Friedlander print (Doe in Creamsicle) and the backing is Kona Cotton Sienna. The finished size is 66 x 86.5 for a twin bed.

I really like the juxtaposition of the elegant silk and the rustic linen. It looks like a camp blanket–made for glamping.


QuiltCon 2018


Yay! I am so excited that this quilt was accepted into QuiltCon–not least because it is a great excuse to take a trip to Pasadena. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in LA and QuiltCon falls conveniently just after our anniversary. So another QuiltCon / anniversary trip–my husband is such a great supporter of my quilty endeavors!

I stumbled upon the design for this quilt by going back to one of my earliest design techniques–using origami paper to make little collages. I was really interested in working with curves and I had just acquired the awesome Clammy template. I cut out some half circles and played around with backgrounds and arrangements–so fun!


I chose the colors without much thought and started with just the center section. I kept working outward and then added the pale blue leaves. I like how the pale blue calms down the design and color scheme.


For the quilting, I decided on a dense straight line quilting pattern that radiates from the center. It look a little work and some seam ripping to find a pattern that I liked. This was definitely a test of my quilting skills but I am pretty happy with the result. And I blocked this quilt–a first! Such a revelation–so flat and smooth!

I am excited to see this hanging in the show and even more excited to see all the other amazing quilts!

Curated Quilts Log Cabin Mini Quilt Challenge


Just finished this log cabin mini quilt for the Curated Quilt challenge. The deadline is today but it’s done! I am so excited about this new publication. The photography is beautiful and it really does feel curated. As much as I love following quilters on social media, it seems really fitting to have a tangible product for quilting, which for me is all about hands-on art you can touch and use.

I am really enjoying working on projects for challenges these days. I like how a challenge adds a boundary that somehow seems to open up my creativity. And it is so fun to see all the different interpretations of the same prompt. Thinking about the QuiltCon flying geese challenge next, but in the meantime I am going to enjoy Sunday afternoon coffee and spending time with some gorgeous quilts!


Domino Quilt Pattern


Hooray! I just finished a new pattern for my Etsy shop! I’ve made this quilt about ten times and I really love the design. The design was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest of some beautiful modern dominoes. It’s so simple and even though there is a lot of white it feels colorful. I’ve found that primary colors work really well, but I’ve also made a pink and green version that is very pretty.

The pattern is great for beginners because it does not require precise piecing. There are only nine pieced blocks and the rest of the quilt is made of large pieces of the background fabric. You can definitely finish this project in a weekend–especially if you machine sew your binding.

Here are some other versions in different palettes. I might make one with a dark color background next–maybe navy? It would also make a really pretty table runner–hmm. I think I may have my next project!



Nine Square custom quilt


I just finished this custom quilt and I really love these colors! I live in Gainesville–home of the Florida Gators–where bright orange and royal blue are everywhere you look. Yep, there are entire houses painted orange and blue. I like the Gators well enough–Go Gators!–but I get weary of orange and blue, even though it’s a rock solid color combo. That is what I love about getting a custom order–I have to set my color prejudices aside and I often love the result. In fact, the custom quilt I made before this one was totally orange and blue–gorgeous!

What I Learned at QuiltCon


I completely missed the boat to register for any classes at QuiltCon–classes really do fill up in less than an hour–so I spent most of my time looking at the quilts in the exhibit, for hours and hours. The range of styles and needle craft on display was astounding. I posted a few of my favorite quilts in Instagram but there was something to love in each quilt. I had never appreciated dense quilting until I saw some of the amazing work in person. My own little quilt was hanging among the minimal design quilts and that was somewhat humbling–even though I was very proud (and frankly amazed) to be included in the show. I came away with three lessons: 1. Kona snow, which is my go-to white looks sort of quaint in an exhibit. I still love it, but would maybe not use again for a show. 2. A crib size quilt (40×50 inches in my case) is a neither here nor there size. I loved the scale of the larger quilts and the mini quilts are a whole new concept for me that I am excited to try. But, I’ll definitely go bigger or smaller next time. 3. Do not pre-wash an exhibit quilt. My quilt looked a little homey and crinkled next to all the super smooth finished works.

This leads me to my greatest quilting discovery of late–the Hera marker. I’ve known about this wonderful tool for years but never tried it, until I made this Modern Hexie pillow, pattern by modernhandcraft.


For my first attempt, I used a water soluable pencil that I’ve used for many projects, but this time the lines did not disappear despite a thorough soaking. Fortunately, those little hexies are so fun to make I did not mind starting over. The pattern suggests using a Hera marker so I did for my second attempt, and I love it! The tool has a sharp, smooth edge that makes a crease in your fabric that serves as a quilting line-so much faster than marking pens or pencils and really accurate. Plus, no need to wash a finished quilt to remove marking lines–provided I keep my kitty from snuggling with works-in-progress.

What’s next for me? I think I’ll make a mini quilt to try out some new ideas–matchstick quilting? intricate piecing? bold colors? I have no idea, which is the best place to start, I think.

QuiltCon 2017

I was so happy to find out that this quilt was accepted into QuiltCon 2017. I named the quilt “Gentle X” mostly because I am pretty terrible at naming quilts, and much prefer to call it “the one with all the tiny squares.” This will my first trip to QuiltCon so I am super excited!

Savannah here I come!