Another domino quilt

dg_ladderMy goal is to have at least three finished quilts in my Etsy shop all the time but each time I’ve made one of these domino quilts it sells. So I keep making more—makes sense, right? It’s been really interesting to make the same quilt over again. I’ve played around with the color palette and made improvements to my technique. Which is a good thing because I’m going to be teaching a class on this quilt soon. I can’t give details just yet, but I’m really excited!

dg_fullI think maybe after the class I’ll be done with this design for a while. Do you make the same pattern more than once? I’d love to hear from you!

Puzzle ball


I’ve been thinking about making a soft toy for a while–one day I want to make a stuffed bunny–but this puzzle ball seemed like a good start. The pattern I used is in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, of Purl Soho fame. The pattern is really well written, and it was fairly quick to make–once I got the hang of it. The ball is made from twelve wedges that are stuffed (definitely the most time consuming part!) and then sewn together at the points.

My first attempt was a little under-stuffed, so the wedges were not as snug as they should be. I made another one and really packed each wedge until it was very firm–just as the pattern instructed. The finished ball is perfectly compact and round, but still squishy enough. I was so pleased that I made one more–in blue.


Four times eight, a new modern baby quilt

drape I’ve had it in mind for months to make a baby sized version of my Three Flocks design. My starting point was a lovely print from Leah Duncan’s collection called “Morning Walk” that I picked for the backing. I guess I am literally working back-to-front, but it works for me! The print is so charming and subtle–I love that it hints at floral but is still a simple geometric pattern. I took my palette for the flying geese from the print’s muted primary colors and added some salmon, peach and aqua.

My original “Three Flocks” quilt has three big triangles made of decreasing rows of flying geese triangles. I knew that I would only have two “flocks” in a baby size quilt, and would have one less row in each big triangle. Once I had all my triangles made and ready to arrange, I discovered the design just didn’t look right in the smaller frame of the crib size quilt. Something about having two big triangles made the design feel sort of heavy. I think that old design theory–things are always better in odd numbers–must be right!

fullOr maybe not, the design I ended up with has eight blocks of four triangles–nothing odd about that. This layout seemed to fit the size of the baby quilt better and gave a little more breathing room for the colors.

The binding is Kona Ochre, also used as one of the triangle colors. I played around with different options for the binding (including some patterns!), but I really like the warmth of the ochre. I can’t resist adding this picture that includes the newest member of our family–Olive!


I’ve added this quilt to my Etsy shop!

Domino 2


I just finished another version of this “domino” quilt. I rarely make the same quilt twice, but this pattern is so much fun. It feels colorful and playful but still sort of minimal. I used a little more orange in this version and I really like the warm and sunny palette of this one. I went with yellow binding, again. I think the yellow looks great with the backing fabric (a Zen Chic print). I am liking yellow more and more these days!



This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Domino quilt


This super simple quilt was inspired by a photo of pretty modern dominoes. How you would play with them I’m not sure, but they certainly looked great all lined up. The dominoes were a mix of painted and natural wood, so I used Essex cotton-linen blend to create a similar look. It took me a while to get the half rectangle blocks right–but I really love the shape. My husband picked the yellow for the binding, which looks super with the gray gingham backing. I love this design so much I just started another one!



Flag Day pattern giveaway!


I just finished a pattern for this fun geometric quilt and added it to my Etsy shop! I think this is a great project for a beginner–no precision cutting and piecing to worry about–and lots of room to improvise. If you would like a a free copy of the pattern, please leave a comment letting me know your three favorite Kona colors (or just your three favorite colors) and I’ll pick a winner by Friday, March 20. Thanks!


Flag Day quilt

ladderThis baby quilt was inspired by the the beautiful geometric paintings of the Australian artist Esther Stewart.  Her palette is so inspiring. I particularly like how she combines pastels and earthy tones with touches of bright color. I played around with some different layouts based on some her paintings and ended up with three columns that pick up her motifs of triangles and bars of solid colors. I had so much fun playing around with the balance of pastels, brights, and neutrals. I originally had a dark blue background but my daughter persuaded me to go with gray. The gray doesn’t compete with the piecing in the way the blue did, and I’m so happy with the result. That kid has a good eye for color!

fullI straight-line quilted using my walking foot, using the diagonals in the piecing as my guide. I really like the places where the diagonal lines intersect. My quilting was a little more dense than my usual pattern, but the finished quilt is still really soft and lofty.

detail1I have added this quilt to my Etsy shop!