Win a FREE Registration for Quilted Adventures Online Retreat

QAvideoWant to learn more about this awesome online retreat? Check out this video!

The retreat is led by Vanessa Vargas Wilson (aka the Crafty Gemini), who I was lucky enough to meet through our Gainesville Modern Quilters group. Each month, participants have access to a new class with a quilting expert teaching unique material. You can learn about all 12 instructors (including me!) and their projects in the video. Plus, Vanessa will be doing a live video chat each month. If you’ve ever seen a Crafty Gemini video, then you know that Vanessa is one of the leading online quilting teachers, and so much fun. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the instructors and other students, win prizes, and participate in online activities.

Even better if you enter now you can win the entire retreat for free! You have a great chance of winning so enter before the contest ends on Saturday.

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Enter to win a year-long quilt retreat!

QuiltedWinItI’m so excited to share this great chance for you to win an all-inclusive year-long online quilting retreat. I am teaching a class along with a bunch of really great quilting experts and it’s going to be such a fun year–with lots of classes, super projects, and all kinds of opportunities to interact with other students and teachers. The retreat is a great deal–$99 for the full year and all the classes but if you share this post and enter to win, you can get the whole deal for free!

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Twin twin quilts

IMG_1112I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve had a busy few months! My little Etsy shop has picked up a bit and I’ve had a few custom orders. I was super pleased to get an order for two twin size quilts based on one of my early original designs. When I started my shop I was really excited to create quilts of my own design, and this Ellsworth Kelly inspired quilt was the very first to go up in my shop. I sold a few to friends and family and put the design aside. Then, out of the blue, I received an order for two quilts in this design, and I’ve had so much fun working with my customer, selecting colors and fabrics. I just love the orange and pink she chose. Picking the backing and binding was aided with a flurry of pinning–sometimes Pinterest is the best invention. This was exactly the type of work I imagined doing when I opened my shop, and it’s just as much fun as I hoped.

IMG_1119In other news, I made and sold (another pleasant surprise!) a batch of puzzle balls–also fun. And I’ve been working on a really exciting project–something totally new for me that I can’t wait to share with you soon!

Another domino quilt

dg_ladderMy goal is to have at least three finished quilts in my Etsy shop all the time but each time I’ve made one of these domino quilts it sells. So I keep making more—makes sense, right? It’s been really interesting to make the same quilt over again. I’ve played around with the color palette and made improvements to my technique. Which is a good thing because I’m going to be teaching a class on this quilt soon. I can’t give details just yet, but I’m really excited!

dg_fullI think maybe after the class I’ll be done with this design for a while. Do you make the same pattern more than once? I’d love to hear from you!

Puzzle ball


I’ve been thinking about making a soft toy for a while–one day I want to make a stuffed bunny–but this puzzle ball seemed like a good start. The pattern I used is in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, of Purl Soho fame. The pattern is really well written, and it was fairly quick to make–once I got the hang of it. The ball is made from twelve wedges that are stuffed (definitely the most time consuming part!) and then sewn together at the points.

My first attempt was a little under-stuffed, so the wedges were not as snug as they should be. I made another one and really packed each wedge until it was very firm–just as the pattern instructed. The finished ball is perfectly compact and round, but still squishy enough. I was so pleased that I made one more–in blue.


Four times eight, a new modern baby quilt

drape I’ve had it in mind for months to make a baby sized version of my Three Flocks design. My starting point was a lovely print from Leah Duncan’s collection called “Morning Walk” that I picked for the backing. I guess I am literally working back-to-front, but it works for me! The print is so charming and subtle–I love that it hints at floral but is still a simple geometric pattern. I took my palette for the flying geese from the print’s muted primary colors and added some salmon, peach and aqua.

My original “Three Flocks” quilt has three big triangles made of decreasing rows of flying geese triangles. I knew that I would only have two “flocks” in a baby size quilt, and would have one less row in each big triangle. Once I had all my triangles made and ready to arrange, I discovered the design just didn’t look right in the smaller frame of the crib size quilt. Something about having two big triangles made the design feel sort of heavy. I think that old design theory–things are always better in odd numbers–must be right!

fullOr maybe not, the design I ended up with has eight blocks of four triangles–nothing odd about that. This layout seemed to fit the size of the baby quilt better and gave a little more breathing room for the colors.

The binding is Kona Ochre, also used as one of the triangle colors. I played around with different options for the binding (including some patterns!), but I really like the warmth of the ochre. I can’t resist adding this picture that includes the newest member of our family–Olive!


I’ve added this quilt to my Etsy shop!

Domino 2


I just finished another version of this “domino” quilt. I rarely make the same quilt twice, but this pattern is so much fun. It feels colorful and playful but still sort of minimal. I used a little more orange in this version and I really like the warm and sunny palette of this one. I went with yellow binding, again. I think the yellow looks great with the backing fabric (a Zen Chic print). I am liking yellow more and more these days!



This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop.