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Modern bars quilt


This quilt is a modern interpretation of an Amish bars quilt, and it turned out almost exactly like my original paper sketch. The colors remind me of California–sunny and laid back–and I think the organic shapes of the bars keep the design from feeling rigid. I debated about using a patterned binding. As much as I love solids, it didn’t work to pick up one of the colors from the bars, and I couldn’t find a good contrasting color–but the Yuwa aqua honeycomb seemed just right. With the pared down design, this little touch of pattern adds some fun without being fussy. Plus this fabric is so soft and silky it really adds to the drapey texture of this quilt. The backing fabric is Cloud Nine Simpatico in Peachy Straws–which is a lovely organic fabric.



I am adding this quilt to my Etsy shop!

Paper sketches

I usually start my quilt designs in a sketchbook by making little origami paper quilt tops. I move the little scraps of paper around–like a very small scale design wall–until I like the arrangement. The origami paper colors correspond really nicely to Kona cotton, too–so, when I have a design I like, I match the paper colors to my Kona color card (greatest quilting purchase to date!).

When I scale up my design, I make a rough plan on graph paper to get a sense of fabric quantities. Then I work organically to piece the top–cutting out rough shapes, piecing and trimming as I go. Because the final design is improvised, even if  I repeat a general design, no two quilts will be identical.

I just completed a series of quilts inspired by Ellsworth Kelly paintings and I am excited to start a new series. I am debating between an improvised stacks design or a simple Amish bars style. Here are two paper sketches and the sketch for one of the quilts in my earlier series.


Which design appeals to you?

Stacks table runner

_DSC0592 I made this table runner for Ellison Lane’s Modern Mini Quilt Challenge. A first for me! I love how open this challenge is–entries just have to be not too big or not too small. I was excited to try out a palette and style that I am thinking of for a baby quilt. I threw in some neutrals between the brights so the design wouldn’t be overwhelming. For the binding, I wanted something other than the white (Kona Bone), but I didn’t want to create a strong frame–so I opted for Kona Ash, which is a nice soft gray. The cool gray offsets the warm colors in the design, which I think strikes a nice balance.  The table runner is in my Etsy shop!


Check out the other entries in the challenge–there is some really lovely work. I especially like the entries from Joanna at Shape Moth, Laura from x.o, and Kim and Windsor and Main. Next up for me is a striped play mat with wool batting that I am really looking forward to getting started.

I am linking up with Jennifer’s Modern Mini Challenge!

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