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WIP – quilt for a daybed

IMG_2656Making this quilt top for our daybed was a challenge, but I really like how it came together. When the daybed is made up, only the medium gray will show, keeping the daytime look more like a couch than a bed. But, I was able to work enough interest into the design to keep me happy. The little touch of orange (I think it’s Kona Kumquat) makes all the difference. I am especially happy with the backing fabric. I wanted something subdued, and this subtle gray stripe from Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics line is perfect. (I bought my yardage from Marmalade Fabrics.) I was really pleased that the background is a warm white–which goes really nicely with the Kona Bone in the quilt top.

botanics-AFR-14260-184-B1610006I am trying something new with the quilting. I usually quilt in a diamond pattern that I mark with washable pencil lines. It takes a long time to mark all the lines but I am weirdly attached to the process–something about the precision appeals to me. For this quilt, I want straight vertical lines. I plan to use the piecing seams and a few lines I made by pressing the folded quilt top in half and then in fourths as guides. I am nervous about being able to stay on course–especially since the guide on my walking foot broke off years ago. I really hope it works!


New Kona colors!

kona28_310pxI got my email from Pink Chalk Fabrics and I was so excited to read about the new Kona colors–28 beauties! And three new shades of gray. My guild has the opportunity to exhibit quilts at Santa Fe College here in town and I’ve been mulling over some ideas. I am thinking about a sort of slice-and-dice / pick-up sticks style–with bold colors and lots of white. I haven’t abandoned the idea of entering a double wedding ring quilt in the NYC Metro Modern Quilt Guild challenge. How far away that December deadline seemed this summer! Hmm, I’m also thinking about applying to be a vendor at a craft show in December. I would need to make some small items like mini quilts, coasters, placemats. I know I can’t do all these projects but these lovely solids are inspiring! I can think of so many things to make!

What are you thinking about making?