QuiltCon 2018


Yay! I am so excited that this quilt was accepted into QuiltCon–not least because it is a great excuse to take a trip to Pasadena. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in LA and QuiltCon falls conveniently just after our anniversary. So another QuiltCon / anniversary trip–my husband is such a great supporter of my quilty endeavors!

I stumbled upon the design for this quilt by going back to one of my earliest design techniques–using origami paper to make little collages. I was really interested in working with curves and I had just acquired the awesome Clammy template. I cut out some half circles and played around with backgrounds and arrangements–so fun!


I chose the colors without much thought and started with just the center section. I kept working outward and then added the pale blue leaves. I like how the pale blue calms down the design and color scheme.


For the quilting, I decided on a dense straight line quilting pattern that radiates from the center. It look a little work and some seam ripping to find a pattern that I liked. This was definitely a test of my quilting skills but I am pretty happy with the result. And I blocked this quilt–a first! Such a revelation–so flat and smooth!

I am excited to see this hanging in the show and even more excited to see all the other amazing quilts!

20 thoughts on “QuiltCon 2018

  1. biscuitsandbobbins

    Hi Brigit! Reading about this quilt right now in my copy of modern patchwork the instructions say to enlarge the templates 175%. I’m thinking of maybe making this quilt with a sizzix die cutter. Are these pieces 4 1/2 finished size or 4? Thanks!

      1. biscuitsandbobbins

        The light blue orange peels- the strips say 4 1/2 wide and then the quarter circles – so wondering if I couldn’t use an appropriate die for those, but maybe I should just go the clamshell ruler route if the sizes don’t match exactly to the dies available. Love this quilt! Just figuring out how I’m going to go about making it and thought “ hmm maybe dies” Because then I could get to the fun part of sewing that much quicker! Thanks!

      2. brigitdermott Post author

        I used the clammy 8” ruler and it worked super well. I’m not familiar with dies so can’t really advise. Could you print the template to size and use that to measure?

  2. Anne Lowry

    I see this quilt has made it to Spain on instagram….I also bought the Spring Modern Patchwork but I don’t see this pattern in there! Am i missing something?

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Thanks! I’ll have to check in the editors. It was supposed to be in the QuiltCon issue, but they ran out of space. They let me know that it would be in the next issue, but maybe I misunderstood! I hope you bought the issue for other reasons and/or that you like the content!

  3. Anne

    I am trying to figure out how you did the orange peels….did you use the instructions on the Clammy ruler? I can’t figure that out! It’s so cool by the way!

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Hi Anne! I did use the clammy and modified it a little to make half of the orange peel circle. A pattern for the quilt will be in Modern Patchwork’s spring issue and it includes a template for the orange peel block.

  4. kaholly

    Bright, it’s just delightful! Well done! QuiltCon 2018 has come and gone now. Did you have a wonderful anniversary trip?

  5. Vicki

    This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the colours and pattern – everything it’s stunning! Is this a mini quilt or a large one? It is so hard to guess on the internet.


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