Monthly Archives: February 2018

QuiltCon 2018


Yay! I am so excited that this quilt was accepted into QuiltCon–not least because it is a great excuse to take a trip to Pasadena. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in LA and QuiltCon falls conveniently just after our anniversary. So another QuiltCon / anniversary trip–my husband is such a great supporter of my quilty endeavors!

I stumbled upon the design for this quilt by going back to one of my earliest design techniques–using origami paper to make little collages. I was really interested in working with curves and I had just acquired the awesome Clammy template. I cut out some half circles and played around with backgrounds and arrangements–so fun!


I chose the colors without much thought and started with just the center section. I kept working outward and then added the pale blue leaves. I like how the pale blue calms down the design and color scheme.


For the quilting, I decided on a dense straight line quilting pattern that radiates from the center. It look a little work and some seam ripping to find a pattern that I liked. This was definitely a test of my quilting skills but I am pretty happy with the result. And I blocked this quilt–a first! Such a revelation–so flat and smooth!

I am excited to see this hanging in the show and even more excited to see all the other amazing quilts!