Curated Quilts Log Cabin Mini Quilt Challenge


Just finished this log cabin mini quilt for the Curated Quilt challenge. The deadline is today but it’s done! I am so excited about this new publication. The photography is beautiful and it really does feel curated. As much as I love following quilters on social media, it seems really fitting to have a tangible product for quilting, which for me is all about hands-on art you can touch and use.

I am really enjoying working on projects for challenges these days. I like how a challenge adds a boundary that somehow seems to open up my creativity. And it is so fun to see all the different interpretations of the same prompt. Thinking about the QuiltCon flying geese challenge next, but in the meantime I am going to enjoy Sunday afternoon coffee and spending time with some gorgeous quilts!


5 thoughts on “Curated Quilts Log Cabin Mini Quilt Challenge

  1. kaholly

    Too sweet! I am working on a mini, something I don’t ever take much time to do. I’m really enjoying it!


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