Hidden picture quilt


I haven’t blogged in a really long time, but I just finished this quilt, which I’ve been working on slowly for a while. Each (of the 225!) colored squares is one inch. I picked the size because it was so easy to translate from my graph paper sketch. I made the sketch quickly–just coloring squares without a whole lot of thought and ended up with a surprising sort-of hidden pattern that reminded me a little of fair isle knitting. I wasn’t sure how the sketch would translate to a quilt, but I followed it almost exactly. The top is made of 25 blocks with 9  colored squares each. I first thought about making long strips, but breaking the design into blocks really helped keep the grid neat.


Here are some close-ups where the pattern disappears.


22 thoughts on “Hidden picture quilt

  1. Sandra Hubley

    I would love to recreate this, with 2″ squares on a steel grey background. Did you use Kona solids?

  2. Jan

    At first glance your quilt seems so simple. With a closer look you created a center motif surrounded by four corner “grid patches”. Love your color choices and find this all stunning! Thank you so much for sharing your textile art. jgd

  3. Lisa Forester

    This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work. I am a new quilter and cannot imagi e creating something so exquisite.

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Thanks! I’ve found that a lot of quilting is easier than it seems. Modern quilts especially are less technically difficult and more about design and creativity, which is why I love them!

  4. Karee

    Like a classic black dress: this is incredibly beautiful.
    I have not blogged in forever either. I have made some lovely quilts and wall hangings but I have not blogged about them. Your post reminds me of the reason to dig out my password and blog again: Inspiration. Your blog has inspired me. We need to inspire each other.
    Thank you so much for posting your gorgeous piece of art.

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Thank you! It is just straight-line quilting that I did with a walking foot on my home machine. I used the grid from the piecing as a guide to make a one-inch grid pattern.

  5. Margaret Muirhead

    Crazy beautiful! I like how it looks so much like the graph paper you used to plan. Is it queen-sized? Full? It looks bigger than a baby quilt. I can’t imagine how you made all those little squares line up so perfectly. This quilt is definitely worth the wait for your next post.


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