Finished wedding ring quilt



I finished this modern version of a double wedding ring quilt just in time for my parents’ 50th anniversary. As much as I love making gifts for my family and friends, I always find it a little worrying. With the exception of baby knits, which can’t fail to charm if you are a halfway decent knitter, I worry that the gift will be a burden or somehow attention hogging–look what I made! Despite my worries, my parents seemed genuinely to like the quilt, and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

The quilt is a throw-size (60×60), which was about the maximum size my little Janome Gem can handle with ease. Then, like “The Gift of the Magi” but much happier, my parents gave me a wonderful new (full-size, super fantastic) sewing machine for Christmas, one week after their anniversary. Truly, the most amazing gift! Especially, since I never would have bought a new machine myself.

I am a classic late-adopter and tend to be resistant to products intended to make life easier. (Yes, I ran a marathon in an old cotton t-shirt despite a preponderance of evidence that microfibers are much better for this sort of activity. I finally broke down and bought some “real” running gear during a New York City heatwave, and had to admit that, hey, product designers might know a thing or two. So nice not to run in a giant, sodden garment!)

All this to say, when my sewing friends gently suggested that trying to run a quilting business using what is essentially a pocket-sized machine was perhaps a little foolish, I protested that my little Janome was just perfect. While I adore my trusty old machine, this new machine (a Juki TL2010Q) is a revelation. I can’t believe how precisely and quickly it sews. How was I to know that a machine could make such a difference? (Hmm, perhaps by listening to people?) I think the heaviness of all the parts and the machine itself must keep everything steady. I feel so professional, and I have already completed three quilts–a new one for my shop and two custom quilts. But, I have to say, my little machine did a pretty good job on my parents’ quilt–some of the curves don’t quite meet up but the overall effect is pretty pleasing.


17 thoughts on “Finished wedding ring quilt

  1. Anj

    I know it has been a year since you did this quilt, but I have a quick question. Do you know about how much backing fabric you used? I am trying to estimate for mine and am needing some guidance. Thanks!

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Hi! The finished quit is 60 x 60, so if your backing fabric is 42″ wide you will need 3 yards minimum. You piece one full width piece that is 64″ long and two smaller pieces that are 22″ long to get the full measure with enough extra dimensions on all sides to make your quilt sandwich. Hope that helps!

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Hi Melanie,

      Thanks for your comment! I used a great pattern from Lady Harvatine. The link is in the post. The block is made in three main pieces–all with curves. This was my first quilt with curved pieces and I definitely got better as I went, but the pattern is really great. You should give it a try!

  2. Margaret Muirhead

    Stunning. Perfect colors. I am amazed that you would ever think the gift of a homemade quilt would be rec’d as “look what I made!” boasting. Crazy kid. I’m certain it will be treasured and enjoyed. Happy anniversary to M & S!

  3. Barbara Konkle

    I found the parts, then they helped me figure out how to best get it to FMQ! The service is amazing! That is awesome! 🙂

  4. Barbara Konkle

    Beautiful quilt! I just found a used Juki DDL 5550 N. Needs a few parts, but I am so excited! I know what you mean, I have not used it yet and I already feel more professional! 🙂 Enjoy that beautiful new machine!!!

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Thanks, Barbara! The people at Juki are super helpful if you need help tracking down your parts. I was having trouble with my walking foot and they mailed me a brand new one right away, no questions asked, no charge. It turned out that the foot just needed some oil, but I was very impressed with the service.


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