Another domino quilt

dg_ladderMy goal is to have at least three finished quilts in my Etsy shop all the time but each time I’ve made one of these domino quilts it sells. So I keep making more—makes sense, right? It’s been really interesting to make the same quilt over again. I’ve played around with the color palette and made improvements to my technique. Which is a good thing because I’m going to be teaching a class on this quilt soon. I can’t give details just yet, but I’m really excited!

dg_fullI think maybe after the class I’ll be done with this design for a while. Do you make the same pattern more than once? I’d love to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “Another domino quilt

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Hi Eileen! It’s an online class — through a Vanessa connection (where else!). I really loved seeing your pix from Europe–your trip looked amazing!


      1. Eileen

        Well look at you! That is so awesome!!
        Trip was great and everything I could
        ever wish for. Gaby leaves in 3 weeks
        for college. You will see more of me
        after that. Keep up the beautiful quilts.
        You are so inspiring!!

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