Monthly Archives: February 2014

Design conundrum

We need a quilt for the daybed in our home office/guest room and I can’t settle on a design. I want the center of the quilt (the top of the daybed) to be solid gray. I want to stay away from symbols (pluses or crosses, for example) but I don’t want the quilt to be completely boring. I need to find a design that can fit in the 12 inches or so that will overhang the bed without the design feeling like one big border. I have been scouring Pinterest for minimal designs and racking my brain. I think I’ve landed on something that will work and then I lose my confidence. I think minimal designs are the most challenging. Does anyone have an interesting approach or design secrets they would like to share? I wish Carolyn Friedlander’s new book Savor Each Stitch was available! I bet she has some nuggets of wisdom that would help.


Linen quilt in yellow (!)


I finally used some yellow (almost) in a quilt and I love it. When I started working on the design I was planning to use the yellow print (from the Olympus Soleil collection) along with a citron yellow. Then I noticed the print’s selvage colors (the little colored circles at the edge of the fabric that show what inks are used in the print) and I was surprised that there wasn’t a true yellow. Even though the overall effect is yellow–the actual colors are chartreuse, lavender, peach, mint, and ecru. I had ordered some Wasabi Kona cotton (one of the new colors) for another project and it was a perfect match for with the yellow-green in the print.


Wasabi is one of those colors that really changes depending on the light–sometimes it looks green and sometimes yellow. The linen is handkerchief weight in natural from  It has a really beautiful drapy-ness. I used gray gingham for the back–I love how the yellow-green contrasts with the gray. This quilt is added to my Etsy shop.