Quilting with linen


I had the idea to make a quilt with handkerchief linen. I’ve finished the quilt top and I love the feel of the linen. It’s so smooth and will soften up so nicely with use and washings. Right now I am marking the lines for quilting and it’s rather tricky. The loose weave of the linen means it changes shape very easily, so a straight line is almost impossible to mark. I considered hand quilting, and I made some small test squares–one machine quilted in a diamond pattern and another with hand stitched rows. The hand stitching just looks too rustic for my taste. I also think the more structured quilting will off set the homespun look of the linen. Plus the linen poofs a little with the quilting so it has a cool sculptural quality.


I’m about half way through marking and the lines are somewhat wiggly. I am thinking I’ll use them as a rough guide when I get to quilting. I really hope this works!

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