2013 Roundup

I’ve always been a crafts person but this year I ventured into sewing as something more than a hobby. The best part by far has been the sewing. When making things as gifts, I tend to choose more neutral designs and colors, and there are only so many quilts you can make for one small house. Since I opened my Etsy shop, I’ve experimented with bright colors and bold designs and, because I sewed so much more this year, I think my skills have really improved. I made ten quilts, which is about nine more than I’ve made in any other year. I wondered when I started crafting as a business (although that is a much grander term than the scale I am operating on) if it would take some of the pleasure out of the sewing. It has been just the opposite. I am sewing every day (almost) and in a more creative way, and I love it even more. To quote George Bailey, I know what I want to do this year, the next year, and the year after that.

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year filled with new adventures!

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