Added to Etsy!

signalflag1This quilt just came back from being in a modern quilt show here in Gainesville. The gallery manager at Santa Fe, Kyle Novak, did such a great job hanging the quilts–they looked gorgeous! I loved seeing all our guild members’ work together. I, however, was too busy chatting to take any decent pictures–sorry! It was great to see, even in this small show, how eclectic modern quilting can be. And as much as I love quilting blogs (and I do!)–there’s nothing like seeing quilts in person. I can only imagine what it is like to go to a massive quilt show like QuiltCon! 2015 is on my wish list for sure.

signalflag4Even though I love this quilt–something about those colors–I’ve added it to my Etsy shop. I have big plans for quilts to make in the new year–can’t wait to get started!

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