Monthly Archives: December 2013

Quilting with linen


I had the idea to make a quilt with handkerchief linen. I’ve finished the quilt top and I love the feel of the linen. It’s so smooth and will soften up so nicely with use and washings. Right now I am marking the lines for quilting and it’s rather tricky. The loose weave of the linen means it changes shape very easily, so a straight line is almost impossible to mark. I considered hand quilting, and I made some small test squares–one machine quilted in a diamond pattern and another with hand stitched rows. The hand stitching just looks too rustic for my taste. I also think the more structured quilting will off set the homespun look of the linen. Plus the linen poofs a little with the quilting so it has a cool sculptural quality.


I’m about half way through marking and the lines are somewhat wiggly. I am thinking I’ll use them as a rough guide when I get to quilting. I really hope this works!

2013 Roundup

I’ve always been a crafts person but this year I ventured into sewing as something more than a hobby. The best part by far has been the sewing. When making things as gifts, I tend to choose more neutral designs and colors, and there are only so many quilts you can make for one small house. Since I opened my Etsy shop, I’ve experimented with bright colors and bold designs and, because I sewed so much more this year, I think my skills have really improved. I made ten quilts, which is about nine more than I’ve made in any other year. I wondered when I started crafting as a business (although that is a much grander term than the scale I am operating on) if it would take some of the pleasure out of the sewing. It has been just the opposite. I am sewing every day (almost) and in a more creative way, and I love it even more. To quote George Bailey, I know what I want to do this year, the next year, and the year after that.

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year filled with new adventures!

Added to Etsy!

signalflag1This quilt just came back from being in a modern quilt show here in Gainesville. The gallery manager at Santa Fe, Kyle Novak, did such a great job hanging the quilts–they looked gorgeous! I loved seeing all our guild members’ work together. I, however, was too busy chatting to take any decent pictures–sorry! It was great to see, even in this small show, how eclectic modern quilting can be. And as much as I love quilting blogs (and I do!)–there’s nothing like seeing quilts in person. I can only imagine what it is like to go to a massive quilt show like QuiltCon! 2015 is on my wish list for sure.

signalflag4Even though I love this quilt–something about those colors–I’ve added it to my Etsy shop. I have big plans for quilts to make in the new year–can’t wait to get started!

Bunny ornaments!


My first craft fair was not a smashing success financially, but it was a great experience. It was really inspiring to meet other crafters–who really must be the nicest people on the planet. The show had a little bit of a Brooklyn vibe from the Pixies on the radio to the hipster attire. My biggest (OK, more or less only) seller was these super cute bunny ornaments. If I’d made a hundred bunnies, I’d be all set. Of course, they were something I decided to make at the last minute. I had some left over wool felt from a tree skirt I made last year and wool stuffing that I bought ages ago and have used countless times. (I love when a seemingly extravagant purchase turns out to be perfectly practical.) A little embroidery and a blanket stitch around the edge–simple.


Liberty and linen cushions


I am doing my first ever craft fair this Sunday. I’ve been so busy making cushions (pillows?–what is the difference?!) that I’ve almost forgotten about my quilts. But I have become a proficient cushion maker. These cushions are made with Essex linen, Liberty Tana Lawn (for some), and Kona cotton. I lined them with a really nice quality muslin, which makes such a difference in the structure and sturdiness of the finished cushion. The inserts are down filled–so all in all they are quite luxurious!


I’ve also been making little baskets. I really love the Red Riding Hood fabric–so cute with the little woodland creatures.