How to make a better cushion


I’ve been busy making things for an upcoming craft fair and I discovered a great technique for making cushion covers. I use the envelope enclosure style because I like the added detail of the buttons on the back. (This is a great tutorial from Cottage Magpie if you are new to this technique.) In the past I used whole cloth to make cushions and I was pretty pleased with the results. For these cushions, I wanted to piece the front and I wasn’t sure how to enclose the seams in the back. I didn’t want to quilt the cover because I wanted a smooth, polished look. What to do? Then I was perusing Etsy and I read about a cushion maker who lines her covers with muslin. Ah ha! I made my pieced cushion front and then cut a square of natural, fine muslin the same size. Next, I basted to the two pieces with wrong sides together (making sure to remove any stray threads). Finally, I serged all around the edge. For the back pieces, I made a seam along one long edge (right sides together) then turned the piece right side around. Then, I basted and serged these pieces. I made button holes in the top piece of the “envelope.” To finish the pillow, I followed the regular method.


I am so pleased with the polished finish the lining gives. The cushions really hold their shape, and the covers have a nice weight to them. I’ve also been making these little linen baskets. I love using some of my patterned fabrics!


4 thoughts on “How to make a better cushion

  1. Margaret Muirhead

    OMG. Sorry to be Valley Girl but how else can I express my total admiration? The pillows are beautiful. Love the hint about lining too. I recently learned upholster/seamstresses line cushion foam in quilt batting before covering, which I never knew. Brig, what linen are you using on second pillow and adorable baskets? I’d like to see if I can successfully print on linen. Love m

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      Thanks! I use Robert Kaufman Essex Linen. This is yarn-dyed flax, which is a great basic linen. Actually it is a cotton linen blend, which I think would work well for printing. Can’t wait to see your results. I love printed linen!


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