Knitted vest — WIP

knitvest2This knitted vest is a special work-in-progress. My 96-year-old grandmother, who lives in England, was an amazing knitter. She always had a project going and could knit anything: lace, fair isle, and gorgeous Aran sweaters. I remember one morning when we were visiting my grandparents, I asked Grannie to knit a dress for my favorite doll. Later that day she had finished a pretty red dress to my specifications, and I was in awe. She also taught me to knit. My grandmother’s eyesight is too weak to knit anymore, and a year ago she sent me some of her favorite knitting patterns–including this vest pattern. It’s pretty well worn, so I know it’s a tried and true pattern.

knitpatternI am using Madeline Tosh merino DK, which is wonderfully soft. The color is one of my grandmother’s favorites, and I know this will keep her warm during England’s damp and chilly winter.

I am rushing to get this finished so my mother can take it over when she goes to visit in about a week, so my sewing has mostly been on hold. But, I am getting a little work done on the binding of my signal flags quilt. I had the tiny buds fabric used for the backing in my stash. I really like the delicate print contrasted with the strong geometric front–and the colors are perfect.


4 thoughts on “Knitted vest — WIP

  1. Anita

    Love the progress on the vest and the color is great. Do you hand sew your bindings down? I’ve seen a lot of machine stitched bindings of late….not sure how I feel about them.

    1. brigitdermott Post author

      I do a handsewn double binding for all my quilts. But I did just try machine stitched binding for some placemats. I found a technique that I like pretty well–its neat and not fairly light, which is good for a small project. I wouldn’t use it for a quilt in part because I like handsewing and also because I really like the invisible stitching of a hand sewn binding. I did a post a few weeks back about machine binding if you’re interested!


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