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Signal flags — finished!


I finished my signal flag quilt! I am very excited to have this quilt finished for my guild’s exhibit–a first for me. The exhibit opens November 4. I still need to add a sleeve, but thanks to Vanessa I know how. We are so lucky to have Vanessa Vargas Wilson as the leader of our guild. Vanessa (aka Crafty Gemini) is a total dynamo and a wonderful teacher. In fact, before I ever met Vanessa I used her tutorial about hands stitching binding. I was having trouble with my corners–they were lumpy and crooked–not pretty! Vanessa’s video tutorial walks you through the process so clearly and you get a sense of her sparkling personality. Here you can see my tidy binding–thanks Vanessa!


This quilt measures 41 x 52 inches. I used all Kona solids for the front and an organic print of the back. I added a small tag in the binding–it’s a really small way to identify the quilt as mine.

Knitted vest — WIP

knitvest2This knitted vest is a special work-in-progress. My 96-year-old grandmother, who lives in England, was an amazing knitter. She always had a project going and could knit anything: lace, fair isle, and gorgeous Aran sweaters. I remember one morning when we were visiting my grandparents, I asked Grannie to knit a dress for my favorite doll. Later that day she had finished a pretty red dress to my specifications, and I was in awe. She also taught me to knit. My grandmother’s eyesight is too weak to knit anymore, and a year ago she sent me some of her favorite knitting patterns–including this vest pattern. It’s pretty well worn, so I know it’s a tried and true pattern.

knitpatternI am using Madeline Tosh merino DK, which is wonderfully soft. The color is one of my grandmother’s favorites, and I know this will keep her warm during England’s damp and chilly winter.

I am rushing to get this finished so my mother can take it over when she goes to visit in about a week, so my sewing has mostly been on hold. But, I am getting a little work done on the binding of my signal flags quilt. I had the tiny buds fabric used for the backing in my stash. I really like the delicate print contrasted with the strong geometric front–and the colors are perfect.


Signal flags WIP

IMG_2208A very quick post to capture this quilt top before I mark it up. I am so pleased with how this is turning out. I am going to quilt in a diamond pattern, because the diagonals in the blocks will work really well with my favorite quilting design. For once I am actually excited to mark up the quilt top! I did a quick test and it looks like the squares are lined up pretty well. And the little red (actually coral) square in the center should end up with an X in the middle if all goes according to plan.

IMG_2211I don’t usually name my quilts, but this one really reminds me of signal flags.

Quilt sampler – inspiration

My guild (Gainesville Modern Quilters) has a chance to exhibit our modern quilts at a local college, and I want to make something a little outside of my usual style. I’ve been playing around with a palette of teal and salmon, but hadn’t quite hit upon a design that was interesting but still simple enough. Then, I was browsing around pinterest (I could go on about why I love pinterest, but I’ll save that for another time) and I came across this photo of pillows from London textile designer Naomi Paul. All those lovely blues and touches of peach — I found the perfect design. I love the limited palette and the traditional quilt motifs. I’m planning to make nine blocks with blues, bone, salmon and coral (of course!) with Kona snow between.

naomipaulI’m hoping to finish the quilt top this weekend!

GLAM Craft Show!

GLAM-2013-LogoI’m super excited to be in this craft show here in Gainesville, FL. I know I’m going to be very busy getting ready, but it’s not until December 8–so that gives me plenty of time, right? The show is in the Historic Mustang Hangar and has about 75 vendors, so it should be a really fun event.

I’ll have my quilts, of course, but I’m also planning to make placemats, pillows, and some quilted linen baskets. Plus, I want to make a new quilt for an exhibit AND I promised to knit my 96-year-old Granny a vest for Christmas. It’s good to be busy!