Quilt photograhpy

_DSC0545I am so excited to be opening my Etsy shop, Brigit Gail. Ever since I started quilting, I’ve wondered what would happen when I ran out of beds in my home or babies to make quilts for. Would I have to stop making quilts or stack my beauties in a closet? I can’t quite convince my husband that hanging quilts on the wall is really great design–no matter how pretty the quilt–and an unused quilt is a sad thing. Quilts are meant to snuggle under, picnic on, and travel with. Opening an Etsy shop is the perfect solution. It couldn’t be easier–Etsy is a modern marvel. Except for the photography. The bright colors that I love, it turns out, are very hard to capture accurately. The pink (Kona cotton camellia) in this quilt was especially tricky. My husband has been a very patient assistant–see the very edges of his fingers holding oh so steady? And, here is a close up …


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